How to be persuasive with disruptive copywriting

What is disruption?

It’s breaking the normal rules. Like when ads find a different way to engage us (Compare the Meerkat is the now-classic example), set out to shock us, or make deliberate mistakes like the Snickers example below.

It’s creating something new that changes the rules. Like how the first iPhone, which looked and worked completely differently to anything before it, changed the phone market overnight.

Disruption works by challenging our usual thought processes. It gets our attention by raising lots of questions – What is going on here? Is this better or worse than the standard way of doing things? Continue reading “How to be persuasive with disruptive copywriting”

When should you hyphenate? 5 things to know

To some they’re fussy and best kept to a minimum. To others, they’re a mark of precision and subtle meaning.

To me? Well, I’m a copywriter. So I try to use hyphens the same way I write everything – in the most reader-friendly way I can.

You might guess that puts me firmly in the “keep hyphens to a minimum” camp. But the copy I write also represents our clients’ businesses. It needs to be professional and correct.

This July, I’ll have been working as a copywriter for 10 years. Rightly and wrongly, I’ve typed an awful lot of hyphens in my time. Continue reading “When should you hyphenate? 5 things to know”

5 copywriting basics to get you started

Copywriting is fascinating isn’t it?

The idea that you could increase sales ten-fold, simply by using the right combination of words – it can seem like witchcraft. Or sophisticated manipulation, at least.

But good copywriting is really just a combination of fairly simple skills that, together, can produce incredible results.

Here are five core copywriting skills and methods, which are at the heart of everything we at Wheatleys write. Continue reading “5 copywriting basics to get you started”

How to plan and script your video game trailer

Writing a game trailer script for the first time? Worried your writing and formatting skills might not match your secret Hollywood ambitions – or that it’ll take more time than it’s worth?

Relax. Your script doesn’t need to be a great work of literature. You don’t even have to follow screenwriting conventions. You’re simply making a useful document, which will help you (and any collaborators) plan a brilliant trailer. Continue reading “How to plan and script your video game trailer”

You want to make a web quiz? You need to try Interact!

I love a good web quiz. They’re a fun way to pass a few minutes, and the best ones teach you something too.

A lot of people feel that way about quizzes, which is why they’re a great way for websites to interact with their users. Done right, a quiz draws in and qualifies new prospects. Everybody wins.

We’d never thought about making a web quiz for Wheatleys, because we assumed making one would either be a ton of work or an expensive bit of outsourcing. So quiz platform Interact was a real surprise, in the best possible way.

Now, full disclosure here: Interact sought us out, rather than the other way around. As I just said, I didn’t think quizzes were something we could do. But when Interact’s helpful marketing manager Jessmyn got in touch, it was the start of a great quiz-making experience.

Yes, this post is a bit of a plug. But if you’re thinking of making a web quiz you should read on, because Interact is genuinely a great way to do that. Continue reading “You want to make a web quiz? You need to try Interact!”