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Email marketing copywriter

“How do I get more opens and clicks?”

Need answers? Here’s how we help you write brilliant email marketing copy.

There’s a secret to writing very successful email marketing content. The kind subscribers open straight away and actually enjoy reading. Some businesses will never learn it. Of the ones that do, many will forget it, or ignore it… because they’re too busy trying to throw everything (including the kitchen sink, probably) at their campaigns. Want to know what it is?

Delight your audience.

That’s it. Delight your audience. Not surprised? Well, you’re already a step ahead – you’re a Smart Email Marketer who just needs better copywriting. Because it’s actually not that simple. I mean, honestly… how many emails like this have clogged your mailbox recently?

  • The subject line was so dull you couldn’t wait to expunge it from your inbox
  • It seemed to be designed by AI robots for “maximum engagement”
  • It was so rammed with text, banners and buttons, your only choices were to click delete or risk a seizure
  • You had to stop reading – you don’t deal with companies who can’t even get basic spelling and grammar right
  • There was nothing relevant to you inside

Emails like that won’t delight anyone… but millions still get sent (and ignored) daily. You can do much better when you have the email content writing to truly delight your customers and subscribers. So, why miss out?

Our experience

We didn’t learn to write great email overnight.

Our email copywriting days started in 2008. That’s 10 years! In that time, we’ve written hundreds of campaigns for global brands like:

  • Lenovo, the #1 PC maker
  • HPE, the #1 server company
  • Spear & Jackson, toolmakers since 1830
  • TomTom, a leading satnav maker

This really helps our small business clients. We use the same techniques and high standards we learned from top brands in your projects. So, we’re the easy way to improve your email marketing.

Copywriting portfolio case

How we deliver supercharged email copywriting

Having the right priorities is just the start (and, ultimately, it’s your choice). We make sure we fully understand your offer, audience and goals. Then we write brilliant email content and bring you more goodness besides.

Stronger subject line:

Irresistible because the customer knows it was written just for them. Test options too.

Just-right content:

Killer copy in your brand’s voice. Enough to persuade, never outstaying its welcome.

Ready for action:

Your call to action is compelling, simple and, best of all, highly clickable.

Simple fees:

We price up-front and we don’t add any surprise extras at the end.

Inclusive amends:

We can’t guarantee first-draft perfection, but you do get 3 rounds of revisions.

Reliable, flexible:

If you’ve got tight deadlines, we’ve got the copywriters to meet them.


We wrote email for these marketers. They liked it.

“Fantastic expertise, speedy turnaround and great value”
Anthony Chapman, Managing Director, Photo Diet

“Picked up the concept and understanding of our organisation extremely quickly”
Jo Mitchell, Marketing Manager, Venuemasters

“Reliable, professional and delivers on time”
Joanne Dyson, Marketing Services Manager, Neill Tools Ltd

So, now you know how to get more opens and clicks.

And it takes seconds to get started by telling us about your email marketing copywriting needs. It’s free, our quotes are very competitive and we won’t harass you afterwards. Just fill in this form.

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