My favourite time-saving tricks for Microsoft Word on Mac

For the past 11 years I have used Microsoft Word for most of every workday.

It’s been a rocky relationship. The Word of a few years ago was not a streamlined experience. It was missing some convenience features that even Google Docs offered.

I even attempted to switch to Google Docs around 2012, but that solution was (and still is) missing lots of features that I need. Plus, having to export everything to a Word doc to meet clients’ expectations was a pain.

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We are TBT Marketing’s Supplier of the Year

Wheatleys has won an award – and not just for fancy writing, but for the overall quality and value of our service.

And I even got to bring home a trophy!

The award is from TBT Marketing, a full-service agency with top B2B IT accounts like IBM, Lenovo and HPE. We’ve been one of their trusted content partners for 7 years now.

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You want to make a web quiz? You need to try Interact!

I love a good web quiz. They’re a fun way to pass a few minutes, and the best ones teach you something too.

A lot of people feel that way about quizzes, which is why they’re a great way for websites to interact with their users. Done right, a quiz draws in and qualifies new prospects. Everybody wins.

We’d never thought about making a web quiz for Wheatleys, because we assumed making one would either be a ton of work or an expensive bit of outsourcing. So quiz platform Interact was a real surprise, in the best possible way.

Now, full disclosure here: Interact sought us out, rather than the other way around. As I just said, I didn’t think quizzes were something we could do. But when Interact’s helpful marketing manager Jessmyn got in touch, it was the start of a great quiz-making experience.

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What do you get for £10 with Facebook ads?

We haven’t put much energy into our Facebook page so far, but for the sake of our own self-respect we’d like to increase our likes count (it’s currently around 70).

So we’re going to try some Facebook ads. We want to reach 200 likes for starters — a nice round tally.

I’ve used Facebook ads before. I found it simple to use and pretty good value. If you’re new to it, we’ll try to guide you through the process in this post. We’ll also share our own results. Continue reading “What do you get for £10 with Facebook ads?”

Is a good free social media automation tool? We tried it.

Wheatleys recently set up new social media profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter to go with our re-brand. Now we want to start posting useful stuff across all those profiles. It’s a time-consuming business, so we figured we should give social media automation a try.

We used to use TweetDeck to schedule and deliver our posts, but it now only works with Twitter. So, after reading this post on the best SM automation tools, we thought we’d give a try.

Ideally we want to manage all our social media profiles in one place — and for free. After our experience with, we’re not sure that’s possible… but we might have found another good solution.

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Should you mention MailChimp in your website privacy policy?

Update 21 May 2018This post hasn’t been refreshed for GDPR and may be outdated. If you’re looking for copywriting services, please visit our home page.

Along with our new website, we recently wrote a new privacy policy. Regarding sharing user data with third parties, our policy originally said:

We will not share your personal information with or sell it to third parties unless we have your permission or the law requires us to.

But since we use MailChimp to process our email newsletter subscribers, that isn’t 100% accurate. MailChimp is a third party and they process data from customers who send us work enquiries or sign up to our email list. Maybe it’s a similar story at your website. Continue reading “Should you mention MailChimp in your website privacy policy?”