We are TBT Marketing’s Supplier of the Year

Wheatleys has won an award – and not just for fancy writing, but for the overall quality and value of our service.

And I even got to bring home a trophy!

The award is from TBT Marketing, a full-service agency with top B2B IT accounts like IBM, Lenovo and HPE. We’ve been one of their trusted content partners for 7 years now.

TBT has become one of our favourite agencies to work with, because as well as being lovely people, they’re great at what they do.

What they do (or at least, the bit we’re involved with) is create and manage multi-regional marketing campaigns for big IT vendors. With TBT, we’ve written web content, email campaigns, white papers and lots of other kinds of assets for many of the world’s most innovative technology companies – opportunities for which we’re really grateful.

Thank you so much for the recognition, TBT. The trophy is staying on my mantelpiece until I have to give it back in December!

If you’d like to know more about how Wheatleys can help with copy and content for IT marketing, please get in touch.

I’ve got the WordPress community to thank for this smart new website

Welcome to the new Wheatley Copywriting website!

There are snazzy new things here, which I hope will help people find what they want to know about my services more easily. There’s a new portfolio with testimonials, descriptions and excerpts for each entry. There’s a new and better-designed blog. And there’s a dynamic home page that brings everything together in one place.

I’m proud to say that I ‘made’ this website myself. But I could never have done it without the amazing support of the WordPress community. Continue reading “I’ve got the WordPress community to thank for this smart new website”