5 ways to get the better of Grammar Nazis

People who call themselves ‘Grammar Nazis’. Have you ever met these people? They’re the worst.

I meet them too often. Because I’m a copywriter, they expect to find in me a kindred spirit. Someone who shares their passion for the pernickety. It’s a bit awkward, because as a professional I do care about correct language and style. But I also believe the English language is a fluid and flexible thing.

I think writing is more about ideas and communication than proper comma usage. And many of the best writers cannot explain the technicalities of the latter.

One self-professed Grammar Nazi I know flat refuses to interact with people who don’t use proper sentence case and punctuation. On Facebook. Continue reading “5 ways to get the better of Grammar Nazis”

Apple Jack 2, an Xbox 360 game I helped out on, is out today!

I’d love to write more for video game companies. I think their industry is the most creative and exciting in the world at the moment.

So when I played a game called Apple Jack on the Xbox Live Indie Games service a couple of years ago, I decided to contact the developer My Owl Software.

My offer was to write press releases for My Owl’s next game, to help the developer get the publicity they deserved. Because this is no ordinary game company. It’s just one man with a ‘zero budget’. Somehow along the way, I ended up doing the illustrations for the game’s intro as well. Continue reading “Apple Jack 2, an Xbox 360 game I helped out on, is out today!”

I’ve got the WordPress community to thank for this smart new website

Welcome to the new Wheatley Copywriting website!

There are snazzy new things here, which I hope will help people find what they want to know about my services more easily. There’s a new portfolio with testimonials, descriptions and excerpts for each entry. There’s a new and better-designed blog. And there’s a dynamic home page that brings everything together in one place.

I’m proud to say that I ‘made’ this website myself. But I could never have done it without the amazing support of the WordPress community. Continue reading “I’ve got the WordPress community to thank for this smart new website”