5 posts that prove David Beckham is a social media genius

David Beckham's Facebook page

David Beckham’s always seemed alright to me. There was the adultery thing. But even when he was at Manchester United, back when my team Newcastle were good enough to be their rivals, he just seemed like a decent guy. Maybe that’s not difficult when you’re standing next to Roy Keane and Gary Neville. But I digress.

Beckham is also a born winner. He’s got a magic about him that turns everything he touches to gold. And, as I discovered when I visited his Facebook page, that includes social media.

Here are 5 things David Beckham does on Facebook that you can try too. And since he’s currently got 30 million likes, it’s safe to say they’re proven to work.

(Ok, his fame may have had a bit to do with it.)

1. He’s a man of the people

Beckham posts a lot of photos of himself with fans. He doesn’t just have a great first touch – he’s got the common touch.

David Beckham with fans

How this can work for you: Post photos of your staff with happy customers to show how good your customer relationships are.

2. He focuses on the good, never the bad

Beckham knows complaining on social media is a big turn-off. Every one of his posts looks on the bright side, even in a Beijing traffic jam.


How this can work for you: Adopt a positive outlook in your posts. You’ll come across as a winner, instead of a whinger.

3. He cares about real stuff

England’s most-capped outfield player doesn’t just post about himself and his business. He also writes about important topics like children’s welfare and Nelson Mandela.

Beckham may not be a political heavyweight, but posts like these show he cares.

Beckham cares!

How this can work for you: Don’t just bombard followers with product information — or you’ll lose them fast. Post about things that everyone can relate to, and you’ll connect on a whole new level.

4. He plays all over the park

Beckham’s page, like his game, has it all: status updates, photos, links, videos and events. It keeps things interesting and caters for all kinds of fans.


How this can work for you: Different customers like different types of media. Serve them all and keep your content fresh, by making a variety of post types.

5. He’s just, you know, an ordinary bloke

For all his success, wealth and popularity, Beckham likes to remind us that his family are more important. It shows he’s not just a superstar. He’s a goddam human being.

David Beckham - ordinary guy

How this can work for you: When you have a heart-warming story to tell, share it. Not every time, but occasionally. You’ll strengthen your relationship with your customers.

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This post was updated 9 October 2017. Images ©David Beckham. Visit his Facebook page at www.facebook.com/Beckham.

Author: Neil Wheatley

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